Through our main three foundations (Restore, Empower, and Protect) our campaigns target what we feel are the gaps that have been missing in the efforts of saving our Southern Resident Orcas and Wild Chinook Salmon. Help us make an impact in saving the Salish Sea and its inhabitants today. Check out our many successes on our Operational Achievements page we have been able to achieve with your help.


The Salish Sea kelp forests are in  danger. As we navigate the impacts of Sea Star Wasting Disease, we will continue to notify WDFW and the various science organizations of what we are witnessing in critical habitats.

Most of the world does not know the plight of our wild chinook salmon or our Southern Resident Orcas. By educating the public and giving them action items, we will save the Salish Sea Eco System.

Actions you can take today.


We have volunteered our 18ft. boat to assist in oil spills, Marine Mammal Standings, and Whale Entanglements.