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As we are Racing Extinction of two species in the Salish Sea, it is sometimes daunting how much needs to be done. In remembering the great successes we have had all together, it helps to push us on for further future achievements. It is important to remember that it will be the thousands of small wins that will evenutally save the Salish Sea, the Southern Resident Orcas, and the the Pinnipeds.




Rock The Park: ABC television show which wanted to show the San Juan Islands through a tourists perspective. We were able to convince them the Southern Resident Orcas plight was a better angle. We had a great time with the crew showing them the island via boat and what the underwater world looked like. Be sure to tune in at the beginning of November with the rest of the 1-2 million viewers!

Click here to watch the episode.


Restore Successes

We are consistently updating the local science organizations of our documented findings under the Salish Sea so that they can apply their specialties to find solutions to the issues we bring to the via videos and photographs.


Protection Successes

PNW Protectors is an active member of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network saving any Salish Sea Creature that needs attending to and delivering the soul to Wolf Hollow Animal Rehabilitation Center. Pictured here is a 3 day old seal pup we called to check on this last summer.

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