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Temporary Salmon Fishing Ban

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  • When the 4 Lower Snake River dams are breached, there will still be a minimum of three years without a sustainable salmon population while the salmon recover.

  • If the salmon cannot spawn due to the obsolete dams then the salmon currently swimming in our sea are quite literally the only remaining salmon we have left.

  • We are sweeping tens of thousands of the last remaining salmon from the Salish Sea through unsustainable fishing practices. 

  • If we lose Chinook salmon it effects everyone and everything, even humans. It would be end of salmon fishing for the coast Salish tribes, Lummi and first nations fishermen, recreational fishermen as well as our commercial fishermen.

Salmon Problems
Salmon Answers
  • A temporary ban on chinook salmon fishing will allow the remaining salmon in the Salish Sea to be consumed by the starving Southern Resident Orcas, which would buy them time while the dams are breached and the chinook salmon populations recover.  

  • This will not only save the Orcas, but the salmon which in turn saves the recreational and commercial salmon fishing for generations to come.

You are the Solution
Salmon Solutions

When you call or send a note to the politicians and head of fishing and wildlife asking them to place a temporary ban on chinook salmon until the salmon populations can recover after the breaching of the ridiculously obsolete dams, you are making a difference.

You are literally saving two species from extinction.  

Salmon Actions

Click HERE to sign our petition temporarily suspending all salmon fishing until the stocks grow back to a health number once again. Call, Write, E-Message, and/or Fax the Director of  the Washington State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Kelly Surewind, as well as Governor Inslee and demand they temporarily suspend salmon commercial/recreational salmon fishing for everyone so that the salmon and our Orcas do not go extinct in the next few years. The pressure you place on Kelly Surewind and Governor Inslee is our last hope because even when the 4 Lower Snake Rivers are breached, there needs to be enough salmon in the sea to be able to spawn as well as feed the Southern Resident Orcas. All of humanity needs to abide by this as well by not consuming any salmon until all stocks are stable enough to support all the life forms that depend on them.

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Salmon Contacts

Director Kelly Susewind

Washington Fisheries

and Wildlife

Phone: (360) 902-2200

Fax: (360) 902-2947

Address: P.O. Box 43200

Olympia, WA 98504


Governor Inslee

Phone: (360) 902-4111

Fax: (360) 753-4110

Address: 416 14th Avenue SW

Olympia, WA 98504

E-Message: Click Here

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