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Consevation Groups

Conservation Groups

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Working to breach Lower Snake River dams to save millions of tax dollars annually, bring wealth & jobs to a region and restore salmon runs which will increase prey availability for southern resident orcas. Click HERE to learn more.

Keiko Consrvation Link PNW Protectors

Keiko Conservation has given us so much support helping us launch PNW Protectors and continues to promote us on their Instagram page. I really don't think we would exist without them giving us the foothold we needed to begin this journey.

In Keiko's words, "Keiko Conservation International are a small group of international volunteers trying to create an easy and accessible platform for anyone to get involved in marine conservation efforts from anywhere in the world. Through social media campaigns, call-to-actions, and events we constantly find new ways to create strength in numbers to give a voice to the voiceless." We at PNW Protectors will forever be grateful for their constant support.

Whale Museum PNW Protector Link

The Whale Museum had such a huge part of how we were able to create the biographies for all the Southern Resident Orcas. We will be forever grateful for the extremely important work they do for the Orcas. 

"The Whale Museum, located in beautiful Friday Harbor, Washington, opened to the public in 1979 as the first museum in the country devoted to a species living in the wild. Today, our museum continues to promote stewardship of whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem through education and research." -The Whale Museum.

Link Sea Doc Society PNW Protectors

The Sea Doc Society is one of the most powerful forces for the Salish Sea. Everything they do is heavily steeped in science and they provide this valuable information to our legislators to help them make informed, intelligent, sustainable and responsible policies to protect the Salish Sea and all the inhabitants from the smallest life forms of zooplankton all the way up to the whales.

Be sure to check out their brilliant book: "The Salish Sea" and their new youth book "Explore the Salish Sea."

Friends of Lime Kiln Society, aka FOLKS, is a group of islanders dedicated to supporting and sustaining Lime Kiln Point State Park.  This 36-acre park, located on the west side of San Juan Island, Washington, is considered one of the best places in the world to view orca whales from a land-based facility. Come visit us at

Center for Whale Research.JPG

The Center for Whale Research (CWR) is dedicated to the study and conservation of the Southern Resident killer whale (orca) population in the Pacific Northwest.

Artists & Photographers

Artists & Photographers

Co-Founder, Communications Director, Photographer for PNW Protectors as well as an ocean worshiper and full time artist. You can find Snow's art in our shop here, also on Instagram @swimming_in_moonlight, or on her website

Sara Shimazu is such a key part in this website providing almost every Southern Resident Orca image as well as the majority of the descriptions of the Southern Resident Orcas. Thank you Sara for all of your incredible help and please visit her site at for soulful, gorgeous Salish Sea Wildlife photography prints.

Our Favorite Films 


Dam owners, impacted communities, and politicians are now reevaluating the usefulness of certain dams and often advocating for decommissioning and removal. Some call it a movement, others call it a generational shift in values.DamNation documents both – and the undeniable momentum behind river restoration that has begun to take hold in our country. 

(This incredible film can now be viewed on Netflix).

 The Southern Resident Orcas are genetically distinct from other populations of orcas in the world. They are, and always have been a figurehead for the Pacific Northwest, both for visitors and for residents. In 2005 with a population of 88 they were federally listed on the Endangered Species List yet have continued to decrease in numbers since then. Today, after the most recent loss of two year old J52 “Sonic”, the population hovers fragilely at 75 whales. The big concern is that WE are having an impact on their environment at 

such a level that we have almost completely depleted them of their primary food source, chinook salmon. Keeping this family of resident orcas in the public’s mind and eye is crucial for their future survival.

So... that's what executive producers Alexandra Johnston and Maisie Williams are going to do.

Our mission is to save the Southern Resident Killer Whales through an inspiring and moving story that challenges us to understand and protect our interconnected ecosystems before they disappear.

Coextinction creates a massive social movement to protect our environment by educating viewers on the "big picture" and daring us all to take informed action. Come watch our traier at

Oceans are a sonic symphony. Sound is essential to the survival and prosperity of marine life.
But man-made ocean noise is threatening this fragile world.

Sonic Sea is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution.

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