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Trans Mountain Pipeline,

Boat Noise, And Pollution

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Boat on Still Water
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Boat Problems
  • The Trans Mountain Pipeline is the proverbial "atom bomb" of the Salish Sea. The pipeline would increase giant freighter traffic from 45 per day (16,425 a year) to 480 per day (175,200 a year). Every single day there would be 480 freighters that could at any moment, annihilate every living organism in the entire Salish Sea.

  • Google the Exon Valdez oil spill HERE. 

  •  If the Trans Mountain pipeline becomes a reality in the Salish Sea there will be 480 possibilities of those oil spill calamities every single day. 

  • Boat Noise is an extreme problem harming our Southern Resident Orcas because all freighters are insanely loud  underwater. The cavitation of prop noise underwater prevents the starving Orcas from finding prey and communicating.

  • Gas powered boats inevitably create noise pollution as well as pollution from oil leaks, gas tanks/pump spillage and sewage spills.  Our seas have become too loud due to our vessel traffic and if we endeavor to save the Orcas we must find an alternative solution to our polluting, noisy boat traffic. 

Cargo Ship
Boat Answers
  • Justin Trudeau betrayed his countries trust when he campaigned on a platform of pro-environment and then proceeded to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline with the Canadian Tax payer's hard earned money. It's imperative that Canadians continue to good fight this to prevent this pipeline. 

  • The boat pictured in the  "Answers" box is an electric boat! Whether it's giant boats like the ferries in Norway or the Guemes Island ferry boat proposal, electrically powered boats are a very real solution. Imagine if every vessel was powered by an electrical engine! The silence above and below the water would benefit the Orcas and all marine life, plus the  engine repair costs would dwindle to nothing, and the pollution would be enormously reduced.

You are the Solution
  • Sign the petition HERE to stop the devastating Trans Mountain Pipeline from moving forward. 

  • Like any other politician, Justin Trudeau counts on you to keep his job, so the more people who oppose his unsustainable actions with the Trans Mountain Pipeline through emails, phone calls, letters, petitions and protests...the more we can thwart this deplorable and unethical, environmentally devastating pipeline.

  • Boat noise and pollution are such critical issues. If you own a boat and it's gas powered, please consider switching over to electric motor. Or at the very least, ask your mechanic to make sure your boat propeller is performing at an optimal level for the shape of your hull. If it's not fitted properly then it causes air bubbles that actually explode, called cavitation. Cavitation =noise pollution underwater. 

  • Plus, if your propeller is optimally fitted you spend less on gas and maintenance. 

  • If you wish to take a fun stroll on the sea and still wish to travel reasonable distances, check out the FireFly E-Sup video below where you can quietly enjoy a 10 mile journey without using a drop of fuel in under a couple of hours.  

Boat Actions
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Boat politicians

Canadian Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau

Phone: (514) 277-6020

Address: 1100 Crémazie East (Main Office) Suite 220
Montréal QC H2P 2X2


Firefly E-Sups

Phone:(360) 739-7512

Address: Northern Washington

Torqeedo Electic Motors

Phone: (815) 444-8806

Address: 171 Erick St.,

Unit D - 2

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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