STOP THE NAVY'S "51Take" Proposal!

72 Southern Resident Orcas and 294,715 marine mammal species in the Salish Sea will be impacted by Navy training and testing activities.


Let’s all send a letter to NOAA. Signing petitions is helpful and individual letters are even more powerful! 30k individual letters are far more powerful than a petition signed by 30k people.

We need to STOP this. All Together. Let’s all send a letter to NOAA.


📝Click the icons to download a letter template to NOAA that you can print out and send via snail mail to:


✉️Jolie Harrison, Chief Permits and Conservation Division,

 Office of Protected Resources National Marine Fisheries Service

 1315 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910


 🔺Here are some Navy training Facts:


🔺The Navy’s application and NOAA’s proposed rule would allow for 51 instances of level B harassment affecting Southern Resident Orcas every year for the next seven years. 


🔺As the proposed rule notes, that means that 68% of the endangered Southern Resident orcas could be affected.


🔺This is just the Southern Residents. In total, they estimate 149 killer whales impacted during training & 325 from testing.


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🔺Those numbers account for total from 4 different populations (Alaskan Residents, ENP Offshores, West Coast Transients/Bigg’s & Southern Residents


🔺294,715 marine mammal species in the Salish Sea will be impacted in total.

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