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PNW Protectors is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Salish Sea and the Southern Resident Orcas through education, public awareness, freediving, art and empowering daily actions for everyone worldwide.

The Salish Sea kelp forests are immensely important to the entire ecosystem. 

Most of the world does not know the link between wild salmon and southern resident orcas. 

We volunteer to assist in Marine Mammal Standings, Whale Entanglements and oil spills. 


J35 and J50.png

September 1st Superpod and

Tahlequah's has a new baby, J-57!

Incredible Evening With J-Pod

T 123s On The Hunt

New Blog Post: Storm Watching with the T123s!

SeaDoc PNW Protectors Collaboration

J35 and J50.png

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